Over the past few months there have been an unprecedented number of articles written about medical marijuana and especially the legalization of recreational marijuana.

We have clipped a few and posted them as PDF documents.

Click the links below to open the articles.



Everything you wanted to know about medical marijuana

American Academy of Pediatrics Calls For Rescheduling Cannabis

Medical marijuana and the Entourage Effect

Gupta – I am doubling down on medical marijuana

DR. SANJAY GUPTA – Why I changed my mind

Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Documentary 'WEED'

Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Documentary 'WEED 2

Patients may defy new medical marijuana laws

Cannabis can kill cancer cells and curb MS

More States Consider Legalizing Marijuana

Families with kids with epilepsy move to Colorado for special pot

U.S. Issues Marijuana Guidelines for Banks

Ready set grow

Legal Marijuana Businesses Should Have Access to Banks

MAYO CLINIC on Medical Marijuana

Snacks Laced With Marijuana Raise Concerns

Is medical marijuana safe for kids

Dravet syndrome

Cannabis Use Unlikely To Cause Schizophrenia

Conservatives Launch Billion Dollar Free Market

Facts and Figures

Patients Doctors Upset

Medical Marijuana Rules will Punish Patients

Medical Marijuana Pricing Concerns



For Mexico legalization is freedom

MACLEANS Why it’s time to legalize marijuana

US Federal Gov Won't Challenge Legalization Laws

OBAMA – Marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol

GALLUP POLL – 58 percent of Americans Want Legalization

STAR Series – 2014 poised to go to pot

STAR Series – The pain specialist

STAR Series – The police officer

STAR Series – Medical Marijuana User

STAR Series – The Vapour Lounge

STAR Series – The recreational user

STAR Series – The psychiatrist

STAR Series – The grower

Five Successful Business Smokers

Trudeau puts himself in the vanguard

Why Canada banned pot

Canada's pot debate should wait

GLOBE – Reefer Madness Will Spread

Corner Cannabis Stores Near Reality

Legal marijuana is proving to be a long strange trip

Justin Trudeau smokes pot, raises coolness quotient

Harper should listen to Canada's police chiefs

Harper Turns To Ticketing Marijuana

Canadians Charged Without Smoking